pool full of booty and i dive in it
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wakey wakey, jungkookie~

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how jin umma hyung sees his members; taehyung ver.

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too many ladies for Taehyung to handle

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what do you think you’re doing right now, park jimin?!

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happy birthday to our "lil" talented golden maknae :') i'm kind of hoping that the other members will make you cry again... you're illegal for me but you're ruining my bias list lmao,but i hope you get lots of rest, eat a lot of cake, and spend a wonderful time with the members! #KookieDay

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september 1st, 1997; one of the most talented boys was born. happy birthday jeon jungkook! i really can’t believe it’s been a year since your hyungs pranked you and made you cry. you grew up so much throughout that short time span. although you’re the most sarcastic person ever and you bully your hyungs, you’re honestly one of the sweetest, cutest, and definitely one of the most ambitious people i’ve ever had the honor to know. we all look forward to supporting and teasing our golden maknae for all the years to come~!

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